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November 28, 2014
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March 18, 2016

#UNSIGNEDHYPE: Nako Devincci

Photo from “Nako Devincci’s” Reverbnation Profile

Not since Outkast’s, Andre 3000, have we heard such a funkadelic range of hip-hop melodies mixed with other-worldly sound effects and hype lyrics from a complete musical collection; like the past selections from young Georgian rapper, Chernako “Nako Devincci” Brown.  But we’re here to talk about his new-new joint: “Boomerang.”

If Ludacris and Lil Kim made a rap baby, it would probably sound like “Nako.” With monstrous lead-in beats and stupid fast lyrical spitting game, our boy “Nako” is out here “boomeranging”, hoes. Now, before you dismiss the abrasive, swagga-jackin’ flair bursting through the rhymes in “Boomerang”, take time to listen to the full catalogue and you’ll understand the basis of his musical journey.

First, he was fresh to the game and just wanted a fine lil mama to bring out on the dancefloor in his club hit, “Dance.” After having a taste of the life, “Nako” was more interested in loving up pole frequenters with his slow jam, “The Pole Song”. Evidently, he got his heart broken by one of these “beautiful winners” by the soulful reflections of “Alone” and is now, enthusiastically and explicitly, “boomeranging” hoes.

“Nako’s” personal background is heartbreaking yet inspiring: when he was just 4, “Nako” was kidnapped by a close family friend of his mother’s, after a bitter divorce and separation from his father in Mississippi.  He prevailed through that betrayal and went on to win awards and form several musical groups as he’s been trying to find his place in rap/hip-hop.

For more on “Nako’s” upcoming projects and collaboration’s check out his promotional YouTube video featuring his “brother from another mother”, “Nutt Boi Sko”.  

So what do you think of “Nako’s” new track: “Boomerang”? Drop us a comment below!

By Alysha
@ ALynnRobi79

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