#UNSIGNEDHYPE: Nako Devincci
December 31, 2014

MVSW1 Indie Pureplay Mix #1 2013

  1. Nature Airliner Never Die

  2. The Blues Byrds Overseas

  3. Dean Farnell Jack The Ripper

  4. Mary’s Deaf Dog Eil Passou

  5. Black Angel You So Clean

  6. Jean Cabbie and the Secret Admirer’s Society Let Me See Your Face

  7. Red Route LubiPop

  8. Pedro Pimentel Cavalo de pau (Bootleg turn)

  9. Hats Off Gentlemen It’s Adequate While I Still Can

  10. AmyCanBe Truth Be Told

  11. Lori nebo feat Robbie Mitchell The Boogie Down Bronx

  12. F.O.B. Gunslinger

  13. Dream Aria Pandora’s Box

  14. Vadiamo Looking For Love

  15. David Flow Undercover Love

  16. Anything But Monday Bottles Of Beer (Brazilian Tribal Mix)

  17. The Flood Never Wanted

  18. Nako Devincci Aye Yo Oh Final

  19. Miz Farah Do It BIG

  20. Ricco Caine Driven

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