Nako Devincci

Chernako “Nako Devincci” Brown was born on December 31, 1988 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi to Kenneth Brown and Samantha Moses. At the age of four, his parents divorced, and Brown moved to Augusta, GA with his mother. After relocating to Augusta, Nako was in Kindergarten when he was kidnapped by a close acquaintance to his mother. Luckily, Nako was not harmed and returned to his family. Nako did not let his parents’ divorce and the kidnapping have a negative impact on his childhood. Instead, it made him a stronger person. When Nako turned seven, he was introduced to his mother’s friend “BJ,” a member of the rap group Southern Playaz known for their single “Dickey Ride” which had major airplay and featured in various mix tapes throughout the south.

Seeking advancement opportunities for her family, Nako’s mother moved the family to Atlanta, Ga. However, the move to Atlanta was not a positive move for Nako, because he found himself getting in and out of trouble. During Brown’s freshman year in high school, his mother felt that he needed discipline and structure from a male role model, and suggested that he return to Augusta, GA with his uncle. Unfortunately, the change of environment did not stop Nako from finding himself in and out of trouble on the streets and in school. Despite being in and out of trouble Nako continued to have the passion for music that was instilled in him as a child. When Nako turned 16, he joined a rap group called the “Wood Works,” where they performed at different venues such as colleges, car shows, nightclubs, and other events. While attending Cross Creek High School, Nako won an award for composing a song for a drug free campaign.

However, Nako found it hard to stay out of trouble, but wanted to accomplish his long term career goals. He decided to enroll into the Job Corp program in Edison, NJ where he completed High School, and earned his credentials in Nursing and as an Emergency Medical Technician. After completing Job Corp, Nako moved back to Augusta, GA to pursue a career in the healthcare industry. But, Brown felt that the regular 9 to 5 was not helping him accomplish his goals as an artist.

Nako met with “Absolute,” the CEO of No Deal Entertainment and Power House Muzik Group, who is a longtime friend that shared his dreams to become a successful artist. “Absolute” took Nako under his wings and began teaching him the music industry as a whole. Nako released his newest single "Aye Yo Oh" featuring Baby Boy (formerly of Grand Hustle). Nako Devincci is not a stranger to the airwaves, he has received airplay in Atlanta, San Francisco, New England, Washington, DC, and is currently in rotation in the U.K. market. Devincci has been featured on the Eddie Kayne Show, The Overnite Celebrity Show, One Voice One Sound, and a few online publications.

In 2015, Nako Devincci decided to add acting to his resume; and has been cast on WEtv’s “South of Hell,” Fox’s upcoming comedy pilot “Atlanta” starring Donald Glover aka Soldier Gambino, and “Dirty Grandpa” starring Zac Zefron and Robert De Niro which is scheduled to be released in early 2016. Nako Devincci continues to write and record music while promoting his new single “Boomerang” featuring Nutt Boi Sko.